Meet BadReputation’s Lady, Our Latest Boater Girl

August 6th, 2012

In the future, you’ll have to wait until Friday for OSO to select a new Boater Girl. But because this section is brand new, we’re giving you a very special Monday Boater Girl. Her name is Jennifer and she was submitted by BadReputation. This photo was taken on July 1 at Table Rock Lake, Mo. atop a 30′ Spectre Cat with twin 650 horsepower 509s.

Typically a Boater Girl should have the following requirements: she’s on or near a boat, she’s a she, she’s in various states of undress (though not nude), and she’s got a face that catches our eye. It’s not Jennifer’s face that catches our eye this time around, but if you submit a Boater Girl, try to stick to those requirements if you’d like to see your lady here. Check out all the other boater girls and submit your own in the forum.