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Awesome Boats
1 Pretty Pro

With a little help from his friends and family, offshore racer and nightclub/restaurant owner Micheal Stancombe has created a business out of a hobby.

Awesome Boats
0 Stepping Stone

The proud owner of a new Hustler Powerboats 25 Talon, Ohio’s Dean Anderson chose Hustler based on his experience with its sister company Checkmate Powerboats.

Awesome Boats
7 What a Pair

Alabama’s Scott Oldnettle has two of a kind with his color-matched Sunsation 34 CCX and his soon-to-be-delivered DCB M35 Widebody.

Awesome Boats
0 The Gold Standard

Xtreme Powerboats’ Larry Goldman is off to Spain today to follow through on the delivery of Raging Bull, the Lamborghini-inspired MTI formerly owned by Gino Gargiulo.

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