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Ready For Their Close-Ups

April 22, 2014

For Skater powerboat owners headed to Desert Storm this week, photographer Jay Nichols has something special planned.

So You Want To Be A Go-Fast Boat Photographer

November 5, 2013

Want to make a living shooting go-fast boats? Go for it—but keep your day job.

Photo Credit

July 11, 2013

When it comes to taking pictures of any kind, it’s tough to beat the beauty of a performance boat.

Crazy Boats and Killer Surf: Inside The World of Photographer Robert Brown

December 11, 2012

Regardless of subject, this sharp shooter brings the action into sharp focus.

6 Questions for Lucididee

September 13, 2012

Lucididee’s brilliance behind the camera is known to everyone on OSO, but now we get to know Lucididee’s Dee Ungarten by asking our six questions.

6 Questions for Pete Boden

August 28, 2012

Pete Boden wanted to bring another dimension to photographing powerboating that didn’t rely on helicopters. His photos bring the experience of thrill to the forefront. He sits down to answer OSO’s six questions.

6 Questions for David Andrews

August 21, 2012

David Andrews’ helicopter-captured offshore photos are astounding. He sits down to answer OSO’s six questions.

6 Questions for Tim Sharkey

August 13, 2012

Tim Sharkey needs no introduction, but you may learn a few things about him when he answers OSO’s 6 questions.

6 Questions for Dave Crago

August 6, 2012

OSO is a friendlier place to be than Afghanistan, one of the conflict zones Dave Crago had recently been documenting. He’s now returned to offshore shooting and we asked him six questions.

6 Questions for Jay Nichols

July 31, 2012

The vibrant high octane images of Jay Nichols have splashed across magazine pages and computer screens for years. We caught up with him to ask him six questions.

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