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1.  New #3, 3A, 4, 5, 6 SSM upper & lower gears & propshafts

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Our Listings : New #3, 3A, 4, 5, 6 SSM upper & lower gears & propshafts

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Date Added: 04/11/2010
Last Updated: 01/10/2015
Attention: All owners of Mercury Racing #3, #3A, #4, and #5 SSM drives. As you may well know, Mercury has decided to no longer make available any gears, shafts etc. for these drives. I have obtained permission, from Mercury Marine, to use the original blueprints and OEM manufacturers of these pieces, and now have available new, near net forged straight cut splined 1.31:1 upper gear sets and LH and RH lower gears. Two different sets are now in stock. 1 set will service the #3A and #5 drives. It is exactly the same set as the one that was discontinued by Mercury #43-818823A1. The other set, which was NEVER available from Mercury will have a near net forged straight cut splined gear and a "shaft" that will work in #3 and #4 drives. Polygoning for #4's is available and will be extra. Pricing on these sets was $2968.57 (retail) when they were available through Mercury. Dealer and OEM pricing is available. Call. Think ahead: Keep your drives. You DON'T have to switch to another drive. Other ratios may become available if demand exists. I now, have available, the 1.31:1 ratio upper gear sets and the lower gear sets in a 1.125:1 ratio. PLEASE NOTE: These gear sets are made in the USA by the same company that made them for Mercury Racing using the Mercury blueprints. They are NOT made overseas! Also I have new propshafts for LH and RH #3A and #5 drives and can supply new "big-shaft" propshafts for #4 and #3 drives. 25 sets of lower LH and RH 1.125 ratio gears are now in stock. Also upper and lower housings are in the works as well as spur gears and both verticle shafts. Put together your own #5 drive. Please pass the word on to anyone that has a boat with these drives. New note: Read "Teague on Tech" in the Jan/Feb 2011 issue of Powerboat for any further information on these gears and other pieces being offered.Footnote. I just spoke with a friend that has been doing drives for 30+ years for one of the premier offshore shops in Fla. and he informs me that when Mercury switched from the spiral cut upper gears in the SSM drives (#3,#3A, #4 and #5) to the straight cut forged gears, the strength was increased by 50% if not 100%, (his words)Mercury marine has discontinued the propshafts, #44-12049 for the #4 (this one will fit the #3 drive also) drive (1.75" dia.) and both the RH #44-18989T and the LH #44-18988T for the #3A and #5 drives. New shafts, lower gear sets, upper gear sets are available now. These shafts, gears are made in the USA, using the original Mercury blueprints and all original Mercury specifications. Call, lets talk Attn. owners of #6 wetsump drives. I have just received 50 sets of the LH lower gears that Mercury discontinued. These are manufactured using the same prints that Mercury used and are made in the USA. Also just in 2ea. 1.5:1 #3A or #5 upper gear sets, used for set-up only, and complete bearing sets for both. Call or e-mail and lets talk. Gary
Ad Number: 33642
Price: call
First Name: Gary
Last Name: Kollofski
Company Name:
Company Website:
Phone: 612-247-7081
Phone 2: e-mail:
Condition: New
Gear Ratio: 1.31:1
E-mail: Reply to Listing

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