is there a standard water pick-up used with the trs drives?do the veray btween boat hulls?i have one in need of repair/replacement.the boat is a 10meter is a triangle shape pick-up,mounts w/2 alumium studds,in the center is the pick-up of the studs has broken off,i think i steped on it when i pulled the looks from the outside like a carrage bolt,only in alumium.kinda like the ones used in a bravo transome assembly,only longer.i have tried to knock the bolt out from the inside /out.but i am sure corrison has set in.i just need to know if its a bolt,or a stud made into the pick-up be for i use too much force with a hammer and punch.its not leaking,and the transome is dry.i guess i could always drill it out from the inside /out.any help would be great,thanks.