I'm trying to gather up as many Cary 50 and Cary 45 owners in South Florida here as I can. I'm hoping some of them frequent this site, as it's been super helpful in rounding up people for other occasions. I'd like to get as many Cary's together as we can for the upcoming Air & Sea show on Saturday the 30th, and possibly do a run out in the ocean from Haulover Inlet to Port Everglades. Later that day we could find a place, possibly Shooters or anything in that area, to raft up. It's been awhile since we've seen a bunch of Carys in a group.

So for anyone that owns a Cary or knows of someone who owns a Cary, please pass the word on and respond to this for further information. So far we have 3 boats, 2 Cary 50s and a Cary 70, joining us on Saturday.

[email protected]