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Final Results from Crescent City Kilos

Here's the final press release for the records that were set and established this week in Crescent City. You might notice a familiar name in the Performance Yacht record. The speed for the Turbine boat was way down from what they were expecting to run, but they replaced the engines the week before the event and the extra power ended up blowing up the outdrive, so they had to feather it through just to establish the record. Either way, I'm sure they'll be back next year to run it at 100%.

LATEST NEWS: First Ever Crescent City Kilo Runs Produces Records

Crescent City, FL - April 23, 2005 - Surveyed one kilometer straightaway timed event in Crescent City, FL on Crescent Lake in Crescent City, FL and sanctioned for national records by American Power Boat Association of Detroit, Michigan and world records by Union of International Motorboating of Monaco.

Conducted by Fast Boats Inc. of Central Florida, based in Crescent City, FL and sponsored by AMF Racing Productions of Lake Worth, FL.


Performance Pontoon Boat Class - Ken Gouty of Antioch, IL (Playcraft Boat/496 HO Mercruiser engine & outdrive) - Established record at 57.306 MPH

Pro Bass Unlimited Class - David Shook of Hendersonville, NC (Allison 2002/Mercury 2.5 EFI Drag Outboard) Broke Old Record of 105.690 - Set new record at 112.448 MPH on April 20; Increased it to 116.594 on April 22

Superlight Tunnel Boat, Outlaw Class - Jeff Spencer, Driver, of Bay City, MI, and Shane Venier, Co-Driver, of LaSalle, MI (Ceaser inflatable hull/Mercury 60 hp tiller motor)
Broke Old Record of 52.305 - Set new record at 66.413

Superlight Tunnel Boat, Bandit Class - Shane Venier, Driver, of LaSalle, MI, & Julie Venier (Wife), Co Driver (Thundercat inflatable hull/Tohatsu tiller motor) - Established Record at 58.178 MPH

Superlight Tunnel Boat, Experimental class - Michael Venier, Driver, and son, Shane Venier, Co-Driver, of LaSalle, MI (Thundercat inflatable hull/Mercury) - Best timed speed - 67.981

Performance Yacht V-Hull, Turbine Power - John Haggin, Driver; Bob Savering, Jr., Throttle; Ken Warby (holder of world's water speed record at 317 mph) navigator (OuterLimits Boat, twin turbine engines) - Established Record at 118.460