Finally got the time and ambition to take the boat out for the spring shake down run ... and nothing broke, it came back on both motors ... very strange . It really likes to cruise at 5000 RPM but I can back off to about 4000 without a problem. It doesn't really like running below that (surges, I think it's the props breaking loose) unless I put the tabs down and just hang it on to plane. (I wonder what a set of 4-blades would do for it??)

I actually dreaded taking it out since I discovered the water in the fuel tank this spring, but it looks like my poor mans fuel tank cleaning (Holley high volume pump, HUGE industrial water seperator, and a couple hours cycling fuel through the tanks) worked as there was no sign of water in any of the (four) water seperators when we got back.

I do have a problem to chase with water coming into the outboard bracket but I knew of that from last year. Was planning to raise the motors a notch anyway, so will have the chance then to re-caulk the bolts. I just need to find a way to get it on land with a hoist around so I can have Jim Speros come buy and raise them.

The new interior is all in (looks great), fixed the electrical gremlin for the one bilge pump, now if I can just find someone else to finish buffing the boat (I did the fordeck but I HATE buffing gel coat) I'll be ready for the summer.