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OK OK OK, I see how it all works. I have never had to deal with all this. They all looked fused together to me at first glance.

I have the XR hubs which are still fine and dandy from my old props. I will knock out the pressed in small shaft hubs in the morning (don't want to wake the neighbors now) and insert the XR/XZ hubs.

Thanks everyone. I have always just left whatever props on the boat, on the boat. Never had to worry about prop testing and swapping and destroying one.
You got it! Those inserts were installed when Throttle-Up did the props. When I bought the props, they had the plastic inserts (for less that 400HP) which I gave to a fellow OSO'er. The inserts ,I believe, are interchangeable with what is in your old props. Call Julie or Matt and verify.