This is all the more reason that we need the LOTO powerboat club in place to show our members that pfd's are just like seat belts, they do save lives. we will require all of our members when participating in a sanctioned event pdf's are to be worn. Its not that big of a deal, its not uncool rather responsible, you have passengers in your boat that are putting there lives in your hands, please do not let anyone board your boat without them. You never know when you may have a mechanical failure, a cruiser swamp you, boat fire, things you would never expect, life is very fragile, respecct it like you do the water it is daangerous if common sense is not used. We at the club are already working with several sponsors and water patrol to encourage safe boating, or we may lose our rights... This is not a joke . everyone should join in and set an example for others. one person cannot do it or a group. It must be common routine or it will become the law, but at thee expense of how many lives. This is a tragedy just like any other loss of life that a simple 30$ item probably would of saved a life as well as knowing the limitations of a boat. If you want to race go up the lake on a week day by your self and run the boat not in the heaviest traffic area of the lake. Boats don't have brakes. The waves at loto are like no where else unpredictable and very dangerous. We at LOTO powerboat club ask everyone to imagine losing a family member this way and then ask yourself how big a deal is it really to wear a life jacket while moving. Its nothing. God bless the families and please be safe and enjoy your summer.