Does anyone have a set of Merc Labbed 34p Bravo 1 that they want to sell? I am looking for a set that will fit an XR drive.

My last experience on twin engine boat and stepping up to labbed prop was this:
On my 34 PQ, I ran 28p Bravos and got 5000ish RPM out of them consistently. Can't remember exact speed, but 77 - 79 is about right. Got Merc labbed 30's and RPM's jumped to 5100 - 5150 and speed was 79 - 81.
Ran great.

The Cig runs 32p Bravos now and gets 4980 - 5000 rpm wot and will get 87 - 88 consistently and 90-91 under right conditions. Motors are supposed to run 4800 - 5200 rpm, so a little more RPM would be ok. So based on my last experience; I figured on trying some Merc labbed 34's. I figure I'll get about 5100ish RPM and a bit more speed.

Sound reasonable?

If anyone has a set for me to try, I'll cover all expenses and guarantee prop condition.