The fact is that, as with anything else, there is a group that gives PWC a bad reputation. There are people with Powerboats that give the boating hobby a bad reputation. There are people who street race and kill others that give hot rods and muscle cars bad reputations. It has always been this way and it always will be.

I rode and raced PWC for years. I learned to ride on a stand up which I think is beneficial. When learning to ride a stand up, you fall frequently. This teaches you to be very aware of what is around you as you really don't want to get run over. This is a lesson that you never forget. I haven't met too many people who ride stand ups that run in front of boats.

I do believe though that the rentals are the real problems. Many people that rent these things have no business behind the wheel of them or even a car for that matter. Remember, PWC aren't bad, idiots are!