Sharkey Marine,

I saw your post about the 32 Spirit Race Boat. This boat is at Pier 57 for sale! I wanted to buy it and I got some info on it, but my old lady wont bite on it. I had seen this boat race at a Poker Run in Maryland a couple years ago. The boat is AWESOME!! I was in my friends 29 Fountain with twin HP500 with twin Whipple Superchargers, we where running well into the 80mph mark and that Spirit race boat ran by us like we were sitting still. Water was really rough and most boats couldnít handle the water (including us) But that boat flew by sounding like a Stock Car!
Do you have any more info/history on the boat? The race boat sounds like a super great price at Pier 57, what do you think?
I did not know it was for sale at the time, but I saw it for sale here in the classifieds, under Race Boats and I contacted Pier 57 about it and I got some info/pics of the boat. Boat seems like a steal at their price! Love to buy it myself; any interested want to help me?? lol
Any info would be helpful and tell my wife it is well worth it, a steal!!!