As many of you know, my Cig broke and I can't use it for a while until my engine builder focuses on me (another story ).
I have had a slip available on the Tahoe Keys (awesome location South Tahoe) for the Concours de Elegance out of Cornelien Bay (north) the 1st week of August....if anyone would like it please p.m. me I have paid the deposit...but don't want to give it up to just anyone so I ask my clan (yes you) 1st. If i cancel no one benefits except the marina...so if interested please advise-its yours or I reschedule for spring of next year. Please let me know asap 1st come first serve or of course...(bribes are considered ...I have an engine to fix )just kidding on the bribes...let me know

Slip is set up for a 31-32 footer Date in 8/3 out 8/5