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Ok first off thanks for the replies. However I am not ready to purchase anything right now. I am doing research for now. Does anyone have any comments on the Glasstream 273 sport (check glasstream.com)? I think I have limited my choice down to the Donzi 26zx or 28zx,Sonic prowler or the Glasstream 273. I would like a boat that has quality first and speed second. Any more input or comments are appreciated. Thanks
Expand your choices some. I would definately NIX the Donzis'. HORRIBLE customer service, I have some friends that spent some serious $$$$ on Donzi's and will NEVER make that mistake again. Plus the 26ZX is a wet riding boat. You want water in your face - get a 26ZX. I have had lots of seat time in a 26ZX. No comment on the 28ZX don't know much about them. Have a freind here w/ a Sonic prowler. Nice boat, but it always rides like the outdrive is trimmed WAY too far, when in reality it is trimmed down. Go ride one and see if they all have that trait.
Try to ride a PowerQuest 280 (Iused to own one - and it was one of my all time favorite boats) or a Sunsation 288. Both are good boats and a good values. I have heard the "Outlaw" series from Baja are decent boats too, but no experience with them.

OK, I'm off my soapbox now.