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That's funny, given the Bravo was pretty much a rip off of the old 280 Volvo's .

Not sure why more people don't use Volvo out drives......anyone ever see one break?

Talk to glassdave about the Volvo's on the back of the batboat's. None dead so far after 2 years of racing.

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as much as I hate to admit it, Volvo does build a decent drive. When I was working as a marine tech I think I probably tore down 1 Vovlo for every 50 Mercs, and at that most of um were cuase someone wacked bottom or backed itno a dock. The other side of the coin though is that they are not nearly as tested in high HP apps as other dives. I know there are a few people out there running decent power through them but just not enough to make it a valid comparison. Vovlvo has also recently pulled out of the performance marketplace alltogether. They are trying to estblish themselves as the premier family and cruiser power package of choice. They have realy put alot into their diesel program in the last few years and are building a hell of an engine now. When it comes to low to mild factory power packages (350HP and under)I wouldn't consider anything else but a Volvo. The only draw back is that thier after sale service sucks.