Currently own a Baja Hammer w/ 454 and have for the past 3 years. Boat locally in smaller lakes (Cass and Union Lakes for those who might know metro Detroit), but have found heading up north to the much bigger lakes is a ton of fun. Also, may move closer to big waters on east side of the state.

I'm wondering what length of moves you guys make 2', 4', etc. I've got my eyes on either the Sunsation Aggressor or 288. The 288 is a little big for the local lakes (there is a 27' Fountain and yes I'm including the beak on Cass), but it would be great for Torch, Mullet, Higgins, St. Clair. BTW, want a boat that will do 75 mph GPS. I guess I just have to make sure my 1500 Z71 would be good for towing it. Move won't be made until Fall '06 or spring of '07, but the looking and research is almost as fun as driving.