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I ll be waiting by the curb

thunderusone just let me know .

Julio holler at me . Did ya get any damage in the storm? I looked over there on speedwake the other day and there wasn't much talk about the Hurricane on the site .

vette131 Yea I saw the pick of The Dock and Yeagers, Pretty sad site You know they were trying to have another Royal Purple poker run Oct 1 at Tick Faw and its the Prop Stops 30th anniversary also.

Vette131 how did you make out in Slidell? Hope you all are OK.

Yea this 2006 TickFaw 200 will be different for sure . There is now way of knowing whats going to know whats out in the lake

Touch Base

we did ok rob. i feel guilty saying our house is ok. i know way more people who don't have a house in slidell than those who do. don't worry the people in this area will have it ready for the tickfaw. the recovery effort here is incredible. many businesses on the north side of town are open & people are getting used to hard work & heavy traffic.