The 2005 Toys For Tots Tour
It is a gain time to get out that boat to do some good things. This year the 2005 Toys for Tots tour will take place on December 3. This unique event is the worlds only boating Toys for Tots Tour. It is tremendous fun and puts some nice gifts in the hands of some deserving children. .
This event will take place on Dec 3rd at Hickory Point Park in Lake County. Hickory Point Park is on H-way 19 on the shore of lake Harris between Howey in the Hills and Tavares. There will be a pre-tour briefing at 12:00 noon. We encourage all participants to meet early in the day to enjoy lunch and a pretour gathering at the Hickory Point Pavilions. Bring a covered dish a good appetite an unwrapped toy or gift and that great attitude with a big smile.
The in water tour will start at 1:00 pm [13:00 hours]. Previous to 1:00pm we would like the participating boats to be all gathered at one side of the H-way 19 bridge and exactly 1;00 o’clock a signal will be given showing that is 1:00 o’clock and the tour is to start. Please note that this is not a race or a mad speed dash. There are no set speed limits on these lakes and all participants should use the utmost care to assure that event is safe for all concerned. The tour will proceed across lake Harris through the Dead River Canal and the across Lake Eustis to the City Dock right in Down Town Eustis. There you will be received by some sensational smiling faces that will collect your gifts and impart festive greeting to you and your crew. This event will be officiated by the U.S. Marines as this an official U.S. Marine Toys for Tots event.
We would like to extend this invitation to you and all you know to enjoy this sensational event. For more information or suggestions or ideas please contact Rus Matos 5327 Goddard Ave Orl. Fla. 32810 E-mail [email protected] or call 407-760 3481.