I sold Darin (Houston Prop.) a new Marage Plus after I bought a B 1. After 4 weeks and still no check I started calling him, I got one story after another. I had met him on Team Baja Marine web site so I started asking him on there where my money was, he would tell me on that site that he had sent it out and then poof my post would be gone, this happened a few times so I then Emailed the owner of Team Baja Marine and ask why he was deleting my post and he said because he was making money off from Houston Prop. and not me. A few weeks later I was going to Houston on business so I called Darin and told him I was going to be down there and I was going to pay him a visit. He then over nighted me a money order. I have never been back on Team Baja Marine either. JB