Just bought gas yesterday in Denton, Texas at the local 7-11
Pump Price:

Mid-grade Unleaded 2.29 per Gallon

Mid-Grade Unleaded 2.27 per Gallon

No lines, No Hurricanes, No B.S

Just goes to show you that all this gas pricing crapolla is just a bunch of GOUGING going on out there!
Nothing like a little price war between 7-11 and QuickTrip
Everybody always gets gouged before a big driving week like Labor Day or Summer Vacations and then when that spike of usage goes away the price comes right back down.
This Hurricane Demand should get some companies heavily fines or jailed for GOUGING. BUT Probably not gonna happen unless a bunch of people raise a stink instead of forgetting about it.
B.S. on the GOUGERS