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How did you come through the hurricanes the last two years?? My wife wants to move to your area but now she's having second thoughts.
Thank you for asking. Up until Wilma hit us this year we were doing just fine. Charlie was 70 miles offshore as it moved north then hooked NE over Sanibel and Port Charlotte etc.
This year they say the eye of Wilma came ashore just 3 miles south of my condo on the beach. I lost power for a day then no A/C until last weekend. Bigest problem in our area was destruction of the landscaping. It will be replaced but the scars will show for a long time, on an island that in my opinion was, and will be again, one of the most beautiful in America. The homes faired quite well except for pool cages of which 80% were destroyed.
You should not hesitate to buy a place in FL. Just make sure it is newer construction with a good set of shutters. There are some people rattled tho and there might be some buys. Feel free to contact me if I can be anymore help.