Last week I had some free time while in Florida and accepted Stan Ware's invitation to attend the St Pete races and awards dinner.

At the dinner, I found an empty chair at a table with the crew from Wild Ride. It brought back a flood of memories of many racing dinners from years ago and the camraderie within the sport.

It seems like just yesterday that I was at the same kind of dinner with Betty, Joel, Don, Jim, Howard, Keith, and the many others that made this such a great sport.

The Wild Ride people are a great team and a credit to the sport. If that team represents what offshore racing has evolved to, it is in good hands for the future.

I did take a bit of ribbing about racing back in an era before gasoline was invented, and Brownie wasn't there to defend me either.

Ron P, nice to finally meet you.

All in all, I was very impressed with the OSS organization and the weekend itself, thanks again Stan, Larry and Paola, good luck in the future.