yeah it was a hospital I'll find out monday I hope on the back but I'm really want to get my knee done waiting for them to fix a cat scan machine for the knee thats being covered by comp AIG insurance they fought me since feb 2004 put I won last month there's a post about it somewhere? so the knee, then the back with shots then my left shoulder just had two cortisone shots in the last 6 months ,ones in the knee didn't work and the PARCs help just a little too. to much broken sh#t on my body oh well I JUST WANT TO RACE NEXT SPRING SO F#CKING BAD ah put the boat needs work too we belong togethere. I JUST ORDERED a 2'' shortie and the inside ex steering and wheel from trick and 2yrs ago I bought new bolsters from offshoreperforance gauges too gaffrig just got to find a new ginepig to ride next to me got to go art