Here's a story: My first time to LOTO/Party Cove and I figure what the heck I'll just drive right down that nice little row of 200 something boats tied together--kinda like cruisin' in the Chevelle at Street Machine Nationals.So my boat is immaculately clean this being my first trip and all to LOTO so I start in and all is good for about a couple hunderd feet or so--then "It" happens. Water from every direction soaking the entire boat(it felt good because it was very hot out)but then I'm thinking about all the hours I spent detailing this thing and I started to get mad. But then I looked at my friends and they were absolutely having a blast with the whole thing!! I figured then I needed to fight back so I got out the Giant squirt gun I had on board, gave the wheel to a buddy and commenced firing upon my opponents. I have not laughed that hard in a long time--I was reloading 3 times faster than they were. It was a riot. Will I do it again? Probably not in my boat but I will go down the Gauntlet some other way because its one of those things you just have to do!!

The last time I was at the cove I tied up behind 2 pontoon boats that were part of a bachelor party.They let me hang out with them. Little did they know what I had in mind. Now I was one of those guys waiting for the boats with babes to come down the Gauntlet so I could blast em!!

I will definitely be tieing up off the main action this Memorial Day though!!I have a buddy who is bringing a large raft so we'll run through with that complete with my powered firehose I am going to rig up!!

Thanks for reading!!