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Somebody please give me an answer to this question. Are all the alternatives out there, B-Max, Max machine Works, etc.... all based off the XR drive? If they have some XR parts, then why do people pay alot more $$ for these drives? Sounds like their weakest link is an XR part?

Max worx is based on a xr housing and gears with better tolerances,bearings,shafts,coupler,billet cover and unbreakable tower. The regular bravo's had cast aluminum tower that they bored out and replaced with a billet steel piece. The xr housing has a better factory tower but still not nearly as strong as the max worx.
Imco (not the 4x4 or new 35,000$ one with a transmission) is very similar to max drive,upgraded parts (shafts,tower etc),still uses xr gears,there has been some people on OSO who have thought there assembly work might be sub-standard but who knows for sure.
B-max (the one thats been around for past 5 years or so)-Super heavy duty upper gears,upper housing,cone clutch etc, uses their version of a Imco style lower housing,still has stock xr type gears in it. I have heard they re-designed it real recently to make it stronger but not sure if lower gears are any stronger or the same.
Supposedly max worx has some kind of "treatment" or "process" for the xr gears,not sure if it does much if anything,Smitty