Ive been kicking around the idea of selling my Excalibur Hawk 40. The boats in good shape fro its age, but I would like something with more headroom in the cabin, and possibly bigger HP motors for poker runs. I really really like these two boats

Wellcraft Excalibur Eagle, and the Sonic 41SS. Late 80's boats because I cant afford any newer.

I owe 23k on my Hawk, so its not like its paid off. I just bought it last year. Either way, Ill know Ill be making payments. I got a 5yr loan on my hawk, so if i go newer and do a 10 or 12 yr loan than maybe I could swing the newer more $$ boat.

I love the hawk, but if I can move it, and get into something that will make Her and me more happy, than that would be a good thing.