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dont do alot of boating before memorial day wait till they are dealing withthe drunks and te jet ski's and that is about the best advice out there other than that it is a roll of the dice..

Jesse is right. I know a guy with 800's in a cat. Point,They were dialing it in before may got pulled over three times all warnings told on the 3rd time had to do something about it. May rolled around and the lions were to busy hunting outher game had no time. He never did anything never got pulled over again. We must all remember that at LOTO they are caged up lions who have not been fed for 6months and are very hungry in the early spring without alot of activity until futhur mucker May. Bass boats running everywhere then here comes to bigblocks roaring down the lake. It's like wrapping raw steaks around yourself and walking out in the jungle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DA