About a month ago I won a Roush Supercharger for my F150, they sell new for about 4-5k, I won it at $960 it was used but they had pictures of it and sounded like a true stoy. I was still feeling scam but they had it set up for Pay pal so I kept bidding and payed when I won. After about 10 days and no contact or emails I retracted my payment with pay pal. The seller got back to me later and said they were sorry it took so long to get back to me and wanted to still do the deal and wanted me to send the $$$. Duh yea I am a total retard right. I respond with an Fu try another scam. They have since listed the Supercharger 5 times with a new screen name everytime. I sent them an email everytime letting them know that they will never sell it or scam it Ebay as long as I am alive. They take it off right away but I would still like to find them, I even offered to meet them and take care of it in person once and for all, but they never got back to me.