Yea, the kind of sea sickness you got was from the side to side and "bob" rocking. We used to do alot of fishing on a 43' Hatteras, and as long as we were at speed, everyone had big smiles, and no sign of sickness, but when we slowed down to trolling speed and the diesel fumes would get ever present and add a slight side to side rocking mixed in with the back and forth, at say 5 knots, it was all over for most all of the crew and passengers, the only one who didnt seem to get sea sick, was the one behind the wheel,usually because just as he was getting sick he could call out "mercy" and head in at speed. Once we were in a Billfishing Tornament, 110miles offshore, the captain decides to put on some "extra" transduram patches (seasick patch behind the ear) he started screwing around with them putting them on his nose and forehead and such half joking because they werent working, and half serious to help escape from sea sickness, well, the medicine caused temporary blindness in the capt, he went down below, I was trying to help get him into the cabin , when I noticed that the port engine kept revving wayy up, then down,, when I got up to the bridge, the deck hand was complaining the the boat wouldnt steer?!?,,, (AUTOPILOT), and thus he was revving the engine to try to turn away from the oil rig that we were headed for,