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It really should come out, it is too narrow to really do anything, it will support this narrow area but all around it will flex. Your boat builder has the right idea for a small boat in a lake but you are running in big swells and big chop and it is just not enough. It is not hard, the person to really talk to is NautiKitty, Parnell did extensive work in the bow of his 41 Saber to fix this exact problem. I did too in a 33ft Donzi, it flexed so bad you could se the bow move up and down. We doubled all the bulkheads and stringers and laminated a 3/4 inch piece of plywould (it could be marine but does not have to me since it is high and dry and completely encapsulated) and it stopped it dead. We ran the piece from the windscreen to the bow so there was no question it was solid, you don't want to do this twice.. It still has to flex in the end, a rigid boat is not a good thing so the balance is hard to hit but can be done. I would PM Parnell, like I said he just did this so it is fresh in his mind and he did the work himself. He has a wave crusher now.

Mine should skip across the waves Thanks for the advice!.... I am going to have someone else look at it and see if they think it is needed and what they think the outside of the boat looks like... then decide. Dont want to re-invent the wheel if it isnt necessary