Jim. After thinking about it more, the fuel levels in the primary sight glasses appeared to be well above the highesat marks on teh sight glasses I initially installed and ran them. The primary venturi's were dripping a bit of fuel indicating the levels were high so I adjusted them down to the middle mark on the sight glasses; after a couple of minutes, that's when first noticed the bulbs appear. Perhaps the levels need to be at the top marks adjacent the sight glasses.

Also, I took the secondary jets out this morning adn to my surprise they were #91's not the #88's that the box said they had. I'm sure that's the results of having given Barry Grant the cam and engine specs. when i ordered them. The latest jets I have on had weer #92's so I went ahead and put those in while I was in there.

At any rate, I think I'll take your advise. I just keep coming back to "you need 1/2 supply to feed that much horsepower". Thanks again and I'll let you know what happens after the change to 1/2 line.