If you consider the Mercedes Benz SL65 a sports car I would really suggest one over the others you've mentioned. I've driven a Contintental GT and its nice but the steering is numb and in the end you feel like your driving a really nice Volkswagen, it also feels a bit nose heavy. The gallardo isn't as fun to drive as a Ferrar 360 and for 180K you could probably find a Challenge Stradale which is very fun and very rare and a much much better investment than a Gallardo, which again in some areas is a fancy Volkswagen :-( I have driven a DB9 Cab. and it was nice but not as nice as an SL. It rode rouph yet didn't handle that much better (the SL's ride is smoooooth yet it corners like a sports car thands to MB's Active Body Control) and if you are picky the DB9's relation to Ford is apparent when you start looking around at it's interior design. The SL65 is amazing, you can drive and park it anywhere, it has a retractable hardtop, and countless pampering options that the competition doesn't even offer and it has 607h.p.!!! I drive my fathers F40 on occasion and even it can't push me into the seat like the SL65 can, its truly an amazing experience. Find a lightly used one for around $140K and use the left over $ to pay your tax and license and numerous tank fulls of gas. Enjoy!