It is headed to the Virgin Islands.
I bought the boat because I liked it, and it has a pair of very low hour 800SC Merc/SSM 3A engine packages. It was completely rerigged by Marc McManus. I saw someone was asking about this. I was just admiring how nice the wiring was done today. I don't know who Marc's electrician was on this project, but he has some very cool tricks. It's a lot of boat for the money for sure. This boat is not new cat technology, but it's not really that slow. It is 3-4 MPH faster than a 1996 Top Gun with the exact same engine package we had in our shop a few years back. I never heard anyone say that Cigarette was a slouch.

This Aronow and the 47 Fountain are both under contract and deposited. I was really surprised no one from OSO ended up with either of them. I got more views on them on OSO than all the other advertisements combined.