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Lofty..Thanks for the info. Will for sure check out Sam's ...looks like a great view and place to catch a bite.. so, if I stay in the channel in the Carquinez, I'll be okay? Damn, would hate to beach my boat! Never boated in the Bay, but hear it's a must do. Might be a stupid question, but if I don't ask, I won't learn. What do you mean by "holes" on the windward side of Alc.? Also, my wife wants to go our and pass under the Gate and back. Would you recommend it? Want to be safe, but sure. Thanks again.

Stay in the channel and you couldn't ground the Queen Marry. Holes are depressions in the water. They seem to stay in the same place, kind if like a perpetual swell that never moves. You come off one side and drop down in them, no big deal unless you're running at speed. I think the best boating in No Cal is on the Bay. You can run in and out of the Gate without a problem. Just take a look at where the blow boats are going and it will keep you clear of the Potato Patch just outside the gate.