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What he going to do on the Croix? Most of the peeps that I know that hang out on the Croix do more hanging out and partying than boating. If he's going to venture down on the Mississippi I'd say he's going to want something in the 25ft range if he wants to run Lake Pepin.

I agree with you. I have been boating on the St. Croix and mississippi for 20 years and a little over a year ago I moved down to Cape Coral, FL. During the last 5 years or so he has been down on the river with me and the rest of our friends on my 311 formula. Now that he is getting married and has a little kid he wants a boat that he can spend the night on and feel somewhat comfortable. He is more of a party kind of guy so I don't know how much time he will spend south of the lock in Red Wing. Though I think the best boating is in Pepin.