I looked at the boat already a few weeks ago. I was a little dissappointed, I dont want to step on any toes but it needed some cosmetic work ALL over. Engine was fine and boat had a nice ride but if your looking for pretty it would take some work, ie, interior and some glass work. As Jupiter said I am building the new JOKER 28 with Brian Hollis. We will be building the full race version and a Poker Run edition. Brian is developing the new web site now.

I have been to the last 3 APBA races this year and a JOKER 28 has taken 3 first places and 1 second place in P5 cat.

Hope this helps you out tc, oh, heres the latest pic from the shop.
I will be installing the new bolster seats as soon as I get them.
She is just about ready for motor....