Ran the beast home from Ft Lauderdale bsck from the do it yourself yard....fixed trim tabs, trim for arneson drives, small snorkels to ventilate the props, and new water pickups that are thuhull scoops:

1000 6 7.6 both motors consuming same
1500 9.5 9.3 mph both consume the same
2000 14 10.6 consume the same
3400 38 31.4
3600 39.9 33
3700 40 35.5 wierd port motor 25 gph/15g sbd
4000 47 37.5 wierd
4100 51 38 wierd
4200 41.5

Looksl like port carb needs a refresh - it's a pig aver 30 mph.

With trim up the rooster looked great and sounded good - the boat seemed to be running higher in the water with less wet area. Tabs dont do much. Snorkles seem to get the rpms up faster and it gets on plane easier and in a more linear fashion.

3900 and above the oil temps crept up on the stbd motor to about 240 so I backed off. WOT seems to still be in the 4200 rpm range instead of 5000 (430 hp 502s) so I need to find props - currently have 19x17 with heavy cup (18 pitch) 3-blade round eared old rollas and possibly bigger oil coolers.

What do you folks think? Trans are 1.5:1