I was out running the lake this weekend, and had the exhaust switched to come out the top, and was running wot. I slowed it down when we got to the area where were going, and the exhaust was really quiet, and I thought maybe I hit the switch to change to silent. It wasnt that. When I got anchored and all settled in, I raised the hatch, and the solenoid to switch the exhaust on the port side was so hot, it would boil water when it got dripped on it. Obviously the solenoid is bad. My question is, should the starboard side still switch when I hit the button in the dash? Because as of right now, it doesnt do anything. Is there another problem I need to look for, or are they wired together so they have to work in unison? Also where is the best place to get a new solenoid? Any ideas would be appreciated.