I dropped Monsoon off for a little bottom-side gelcoat touch-up work last Thursday afternoon. We planned on leaving the boat on the trailer, and just decided to yard-arm and block the boat for easier access. I took the trailer home and while it did not need it, I went ahead and replaced all the bearings and recarpeted and improved the bunk configuration.

Not only was Monica (yes, she does all the gelcoat work and more) and the rest of the crew on time for the repair; she had it done almost a full day early. However, my work forced me to have to wait 4 days to pick up the boat. If you haven't noticed; we are also in 'monsoon' season out here as well. In the middle of pouring down rain all day, we were still able to dodge the raindrops and load the boat on the trailer. There was literally a FOOT or more of water in the parking lot; damn near could have floated the boat onto the trailer. The South River is up so far that boats high on lifts have their props in the water and bottoms splashing. It was a mess.

Glenn and the rest of the crew at APM did a great job; and I am VERY pleased. If you need some Mid-Atlantic gelcoat work; this is the place. It was worth my two 6-hour roundtrip tows in heavy rain. www.apmboats.com They are an OSO sponsor and they peddle Active Thunder, Cigarette, and Fountain.