Jay, yes...I was there with your cousin Gene, quite the character, very funny old man, in a good way... He had already had a couple heart operations prior to his passing there at the plant. It was definately a shock & a big loss for us at the time. He came to us from Chris*Craft, Bradenton, building/tooling their original Scorpion Sportboat line they had at the time. Yup, the first 22' Velocity was all black gelcoat & named "TABU". Won a lot of races. We built & raced a number of 22's & 30's in the mid-80's that were unique. Bill Kaye, of "Captain Maintained" in his 22 & later, his 30...won three consecutive National Championships in race boats we built for him. All with stock 200 Mercury Outboards. We had a great hull design, great hull construction/rigging & and some great pilots. I flew back & forth to Regal to assist in their production line set-up during the sale. They were totally lost when it came to building a performance boat. Remember the "Veloci-Slot"? LOL! Some great memories from Powerline Road.