I need help to find out what the transducer in my boat is and if I can connect it to a new depth finder.

It is an oval shaped bronze housing about 3" wide and 8" long on the outside, with a round thru-hull stem on the inside. It is installed completly flush in the bottom of the port lift strake. It has a paddle wheel speed pickup (removable, with a plug for when not in use) and a depth tranducer behind the paddle wheel unit (based on the mylar looking face insert). I believe it connected to a LOARN unit when the prior owner had the boat. I haven't been able so far to find any name on it. There are two separate cables coming from it, one for the paddle wheel speed pickup and the other which I believe is the depth transducer.

Has anyone seen one of these before that can identify it, or have an idea how I can identify it without removing it?

Thanks - Greg