Offshore Racing Rules the Waves

I've alwayus wanted to change that to Offshore Racing waives the rules, but I have to ask you guys to send me a photo of your boat, all the pertinent info - team #, type of boat, length, power, throttleman, driver, etc. to 1020 Brevik Place, Unit 5, Mississauga, ON Canada L4W 4N7 c/o Peter Tasler so I can make sure you're included in Poker Runs America's special edition of Offshore Racing 2002, the only comprehensive Who's Who in offshore competition. Cal 1-800-354-9145 if any questions. Remember, each team gets a quarter page mention (with color photo) FREEEEEEEE!!!! It's an undeniably great opportunity be mentioned in a glossy, full-color quality magazine. Besides, I think your sponsors would love ya!