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Hope your buddy fares well, didn't mean to trivialize the storm, it's just part of the deal to live here in boater's Paradise, I feel.

I have a buddy too that owns a resturant and marina in Ft. Walton Beach, near Destin, and he had to rebuild his whole marina after Ivan, BUT, he rebuilt stronger and bigger than before. So it could head his way after it leaves the keys. We, personally, are prepared to teeth now after 2004! I have 2 waterfront properties on Merritt Island that I have to take care of as well. And the REAL hurricance season is just beginning too!

I lived down in Miami when Andrew hit and will never forget the damage that one caused. I am hoping for a quieter season due to having 2 houses on the water this year. I probably will not be able to sell one of them until after hurricane season. For now the next 3 months will be just sit back and wait. Okay it will also involve boating as much as possible.