I am a 20 year old St. joe's student and my brother is 15, and we are both crazy about boats and cars. We live in OCNJ for the summer, and we were supposed to go out in the ocean on a friends 35 ft fountain lightning, but the boat broke down before we even made it through the local inlet. That was two weeks ago, and my brother has been pretty upset as we were both looking forward to the ride. If anyone would offer a ride we would be more then happy to pay for gas+ whatever and we would even clean the boat for you. We both work hard, and summer is coming to an end so if you guys can't help us out it is fine, but it would really make mine and my brother's summer. Also, I think I will really enjoy this forum as I have already been using the search function like crazy! Thanks guys and I hope cross posting this wasn't a problem as I think this is the right spot for this.