I recently purchased a 1994 22' Powerquest Spectra XL with a 454 "non-Mag". It seems as though PQ didn't make this model very long, as it's hard to get any info on it. Does anyone know if there are any hulls this boat is similar to (or copied from)? Is the Spectra hull the same bottom as the 22' Raizor hull they made in later years? And does anyone know any of the original specs on the Spectra, such as deadrise and weight?

I like the boat, although the 'ol 454 might be a bit tired. I am only getting 57 mph (gps) with a 23p Mirage Plus. If I keep the boat I might re-power it, but I would like to know how that particular hull will handle with more hp. Repowering might not make sense if it gets squirrely and chinewalks when pushed into the 70's.

Thanks allot for any help you can give in advance!

PS: This is my first post - I hope my little 22 foot PQ rates high enough to be a legit mini offshore boat!