well i saw a 28 Eliminator Daytona at the Houston boat show that i really liked from Bullock Marine in Seabrook Tx.well i gave the man my card and talked to him for a while at the show last week,yesterday the phone rings it Bruce Bullock,setting up some demo rides for today on lake conroe,i'm in on that,get to the lake today with 2 friends
and we were first up,this boat was a 2002 with 496's the 375 version,this boat is bad
to the bone,with 4 people,gear and both tanks
at a little more than3/4full we hit 86.7 mph

on my Magellan gps315,the water was smooth,so in bigger water and 2 people with 1/4 tank of fuel i bet this boat would hit a easy 88 or 89 mph ,this boat is all the speed i need,for now {hello whipple}well the other boat i'm thinking about is a Baja 29 outlaw i will be going for a demo soon,both boats are real close in price,so which one would you buy 2002 outlaw 29 with 496's{375hp} or the 2002 Eliminator 28 with 496"s?
sorry about the long post. Mark