has anybody else out there, dealt with a character from Florida ,called kenith, kenny hill of sterndrives.com in deerfeild beach?.
he said he was going to supply me ,a new,mercruiser 140 crate motor from a company called sterndrives.com.
so i payed him the money up front, into his email account, my bank says kenny hill , florida has got it as the recipient, but still, after18 months, still no motor or communication from kenny kenith hill of sterndrives.com.

when in need of a new cruiser, i picked up my monthly Hot Boat Magzine , and ordered a new mercruiser from the sterndrives.com add,and ended up on the phone , dealing with andrew, and on the internet ,kenny hill says he is sterndrives.com and took my money , wont answer his phone or email once he had my money, watch this guy, kenny hill of sterndrives anything. he is a crook.