Theres good news for all of us boat owners that were kinda lost in where we were taking our boats when not in Havasu. Somethings have changed around town in the LA area and some of the service and people we were used to dealing with have left other companies, but theres really, really good news.

Mario Latka which alot of us have known for some years now from another local location has opened his own place in Simi Valley. Thank god So Cal Speed & Marine is offically open and conducting business. Mario has been involved in many of our boats for years. DCB's, Skaters, Eliminators, Howards, Cigs, World Championship race boats, the list goes on and on, basically everything out there.

Nothing is to big or too small unlike other shops. Mario, hands down kicks ass. He has come through for me on so many differnt and making it so I never missed a weekend due to anything. Anyone that has ever worked with him knows what a standup person he is and he takes care of business getting you back on the water without further problems.

Lets show some support for someone that took care of elsewhere and has now taken the risk to become self employeed (LOL). Everyone knows that Aron at Absoulte pulled it off and is the man to deal with in Havi no matter what. Now we all got a local guy for everything at home.

I only got his cell phone number so here it is.

So Cal Speed & Marine
Mario Latka

Its service without that arrogant attitude all of us had to deal with.