check out these web sites the man that uses the name on ebay rf2tecnologiies that says her name is kelly is infact micheal mclauglin who formaly had the user name 217stufforesale beware of thisd man he is nothing but a scam artist he lost his name 217stufforsale when he got arrested by the branford ct police department for over 10 felony theft charges at local marinas including piplots point in westbrook ct branford landing bruce and jonsons plus 2 others in branford he he was placed on probation and was order to pay a 50k fine for restitution and now for his job to meet probations requirments he is now selling once again on ebay please take a look at the links that i have provided if you need to ever contact him here is his celluar number he has also ripped me off I have gone to the police but they say there is nothing they can do so i make it my job to help others before they to are ripped off his number is 203-627-5542 he now keeps his formula at clinton yaht haven